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From Our Saint David B&B Explore Bisbee

December 23rd, 2013 by Mike Hug

From Our Saint David B&B Explore Bisbee’s Wonders

Bisbee Overlook Picture

45 minutes from our St. David B&B to a Bisbee Overlook. The quaint town is nestled in the Mule Mountains.

Only a 45 minute drive separates you from our Saint David B&B from the delights of Bisbee. Every now and then we have some spare time to go to a place that is fascinating and fun to explore. Bisbee has many small eclectic shops, a coffee roaster, tasting olive oil, balsamic vinegar or wine, the mine tours and museum, antique stores and some fantastic places to eat.

We particularly like to go into the antique stores to see if there is something that we can find that will fit into the decor of our Saint David B&B. It is always fun to explore this town that grew up around the mine and view the old buildings from street level or from atop one of the overlooks in the town. But the one thing we do like to do in Bisbee is to sample the culinary offerings of the restaurants.

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Decorating our Saint David B and B

December 17th, 2013 by Mike Hug

Saint David B and B Christmas decorating is a 3 day project at our San Pedro River B &B

Christmas boxes at our Saint David B and B pictureEvery year we have decorated our Saint David B and B for Christmas. We start decorating a few days after Thanksgiving like most people, unlike some stores that start just after the 4th of July This project starts by hauling down boxes from the rafters in the garage and from shelves in the house. We thought we had placed everything in a location where we could have easy access to it. But the garage at our Saint David B and B seems to be living, breathing being and items over time have moved in front of the Christmas boxes. Some of the Christmas boxes move to other inaccessible locations. I have wondered how many other people have living garages like us.Hanging garland picture

After gathering all the Christmas storage boxes, we usually have 3 days of work ahead of us before we finish. I know we can cut the time frame down (it shouldn’t be that difficult). It is hard to understand how it takes you one day to pull everything down and put it away in marked boxes but it takes 3 days to put it up. This is a conundrum that will never be answered at anyone’s home let alone our Saint David B and B. Be that as it may, we do take our decorating seriously. Both the inside and outside get the holiday makeover but most of the work is inside. Before we start we have to move furniture and make sure the area is clean. I think that the dust hides in the boxes and just jumps out when we open them.

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Southeastern Arizona B and B Recipe

December 6th, 2013 by Mike Hug

Southeastern Arizona B and B Offers Our Southwest Egg Bake Recipe

Being a Southeastern Arizona B and B, one of our breakfasts reflects the flavors of Southwestern cuisine. We provide a savory Southwestern dish with a spicy taste. This is one of our breakfasts when you stay at our Southeastern Arizona B and B. This meal is both tasty and allows flexibility for preparation. With minor modifications, we are able to make it vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free. We can provide a breakfast appears the same but meets the dietary restriction of our guests.Southeastern Arizona B and B egg bake picture

When we have guests with dietary restrictions, we place the portions into 7 ounce ramekins. The portions will vary from the 8″ sized dish. After you have reapportioned the ingredients, the bake time changes to 50 minutes uncovered. This method allows us to modify the meal to the guests requirements and make the meal similar for everyone at the table. For lactose intolerant guests we substitute soy milk with some flour to thicken the mixture and we leave the cheese off. Omitting the chorizo makes the dish meatless. We can also substitute turkey sausage for the red meat in chorizo.

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