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B and B Vacation – Everyone needs one

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We like to visit places on our b and b vacation that we don’t get to easily. Like the Grand Canyon.

When you run a b and b vacation is one of the things that you need to do as an owner. Many guests query us as to when we take a vacation and get away. It is something that we consider during the year. Naturally you can’t get away during your busy times since this is when your business is bringing in the most guests. You have to look at opportunities that present themselves. Sometimes we will have a few days during the month when we haven’t gotten a reservation. When this happens we can block the rooms or ask potential guests to call for availability. Other times we will block off a week and go off and take a break.

Whenever we do this we take the chance of losing business. Last year we took off a week during the middle of May and went on a cruise with our son, his wife and the grandkids. We needed that break because we had worked over 90 days straight without a break. Sometime we just need to take a breather so that you can come back refreshed and you are ready to go back to work. We thoroughly enjoyed the break and came back with our passion raised.

You don’t always need to have a week break from your daily grind. Sometimes we will take a day or two to visit a site that we know is here is Cochise County and we will write a blog on it to share with our guests. Many times we hear our guests tell us that they read the blog and that is one of the things that they want to do on their b and b vacation. I guess b and b owners are like regular people too. Usually we have the world come to us but sometimes we want to go out and see the world.

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