Bird Watching In Cochise County

San Pedro River

The San Pedro as it leaves the northern boundary of the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area

Some of the best birding in the United States is found in Cochise County. There are locations in the County from the sky islands to the San Pedro River that have great birding at different times through out the year. Approximately 400 species of birds can be found with approximately 250 that use the San Pedro River on their migration in the spring and fall. The San Pedro River is the last free flowing river in Arizona. It flows all year around and originates in Mexico, flows north through St. David and Benson to end at the Gila River in the near Superior and Globe. Depending upon the time of the year the river may not be surface water north of Saint David but will become an underground river. The San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area encompasses the San Pedro River from the Mexican border to the south end of Saint David. At the northern end of the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area is the location of Down By The River B and B a centrally located San Pedro River BnB with access to the San Pedro River and the great birding that can be found there.

Birds also use various locations in the county to stay the winter. A good example is the Sulphur Springs Valley, where the Sand Hill Cranes winter at White Water Draw and at the Willcox Playa. Other water birds are at these locations during the winter. These two areas have large areas of water during the winter but in the summer the lakes are small if there at all. During the winter at White Water Draw you will find raptors including owls that inhabit an old barn  that is on the site. As spring weather comes so do the flycatchers.

White Water Draw Picture

Thousands of San Hill Cranes, along with other birds, winter in White Water Draw.

The sky islands of the Huachuca, Dragoon, Mule and Chiricahua Mountains all have different birding areas. The foothills going to these locations will also have birding opportunities. During the winter, some of these areas may be closed or restricted due to snow. The sky islands have peaks from 8,000 to over 10,000 feet in elevation. In certain areas access can be with by a normal car but some of the back country treks need a high clearance vehicle.

Birding can be done throughout the year in this area with different venue that become available during the different seasons. So if you are an avid birder or are just starting out learning about birding,

Dragoon Mountains

The Dragoon Mountains offer many opportunities for birding and hiking.

Cochise County offers a lot for all types of birding enthusiasts. Down By The River B & B is also known as the Lodging Hub of Cochise County and offers you a great place to stay while enjoying your time bird watching. Try us out and see what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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