Southeast Arizona Wineries

When Down By The River B & B opened there were only 4 Southeast Arizona wineries open for tastings in Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. 1 was in Bowie and 3 were in Elgin/Sonoita. Over the years new Southeast Arizona wineries have opened up and during that time we have tasted wine from every one of the wineries either at their tasting rooms or at the festivals that are held. Although we do have our favorite Southeast Arizona wineries we visit when we go out to taste some wine with friends, we still make a point to go to other wineries so that we see what is new at their location. We know everyone’s tastes are different and that makes it all the more fun to try something new. Over the years we have had some of the vintners come to the B and B to do tastings for out guests and some of our friends. Now that is fun.

Now that Arizona wine country is all around us and since we are the “The Lodging Hub of Cochise County“,  we have a perfect location to spend the night while tasting at each of the wine regions. During the year there are also wine festivals; so check out the events page to find out where and when the event will happen. Although some grapes are grown in Central Arizona, many of the wine grapes grown in Arizona are from this part of southeastern Arizona. There are two wine regions in southeastern Arizona: Sonoita/Elgin in Santa Cruz County and Sulphur Springs Valley of Cochise County. There are also scattered vintners in Vail, Benson, Bowie, Tombstone and Graham County.  Arizona Wine Lifestyle Magazine can give you exact locations and addresses to each of the Southeast Arizona wineries and the days that their tasting rooms are open. The AZ Wine Lifestyle maps are available if you click here. We have also put a link to all the wineries websites below so that you can check them out at one location.

Sonoita/Elgin Area

Sonoita / Elgin area is about 45 minutes away. The wineries are to the west in Santa Cruz County and currently there are 10 different venues for wine tasting. The first wineries were started in this area of the State and there are many fine wines to be sampled. Check out our blog on the Sonoita wineries.The tasting rooms are listed in alphabetical order.

Callaghan Vineyards  336 Elgin Rd

Charron Vineyards    18585 S. Sonoita Hwy  (AZ 83)  (Vail)

Dos Cabezas Wine Works    3248 Highway 82

Flying Leap Vineyards (The old Canelo Hills)    342 Elgin Rd

Hops and Vines   3450 Highway 82

Keif-Joshua Vineyards    370 Elgin Rd

Lightning Ridge Cellars    2368 Highway 83

Rancho Rossa Vineyards    201 Cattle Ranch Ln

Silver Strike Winery 334 E. Allen St. (Tombstone)

Sonoita Winery    290 Elgin-Canelo Rd

Wilhelm Family Vineyards    21 Mountain Ranch Dr

Village of Elgin – 4 Monkeys   471 Elgin Rd


Willcox Area

Willcox area is about 45 minutes to the east off of  I–10. There currently are 5 wineries with tasting rooms open at times during the week. Some of the tasting rooms also feature wines from the other vintners in the area. There are wineries that have private tastings by appointment only and reservations required. Check out our blog 1 and 2 for information on the wineries in this area. The tasting rooms are listed in alphabetical order.

Aridus Wine Company 145 Railroad Ave

Bodega Pierce Vineyards 4511 E Robbs Road (Kansas Settlement)

Carlson Creek Vineyards    115 Railroad Ave

Coronado Vineyards     2909 E. Country Club Drive

Flying Leap Vineyards On the corner or Maley and Railroad Ave

Fort Bowie Vineyards    156 N. Jefferson (Bowie)

Gallifant Cellars (Opening Soon)112 N. Railroad Ave.

Golden Rule Vineyards    3649 N. Golden Rule Rd. (Cochise)

Keeling-Schaefer Vineyards    154 N. Railroad Ave

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards   13922 South Kuykendall Cutoff Road   (Pearce)

Passion Cellars 3052 N. Ft Grant Road

Pillsbury Wine Company  6450 S Bennett Pl (Kansas Settlement)

Rolling View Vineyards Wines can be tasted at Arizona Stronghold in Cottonwood, AZ

Sand-Reckoner    130 S. Haskell Ave

Sierra Bonita Winery 17251 West Ash Creek Road

Zarpara Winery    6777 S. Zarpara Ln. (Kansas Settlement)



Petite Syrah grapes on the vine

Petite Syrah Grapes On The Vine


Winery links to other sites and information




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