Great Coffee is served in our B and B Coffee Cups

B and B coffee cups for our guests are now being offered.

B and B coffe cups picture

Down By The River B and B coffee cups are made at a local artisan so that we can offer them to our guests as a memento of their visit.

Down By The River is know for the great coffee and teas served in the B and B coffee cups. The B and B coffee cups are decorated with different birds on them. But a different design for Down By The River B and B coffee cups are now available at the B and B for $7.50 plus tax. We have found a local artisan that lives near our B and B in Southeastern Arizona. He has taken our artwork and applied it to the cups that you see above.The cups hold 11 oz of coffee like our normal cups we use here at the b and b. They are dishwasher and microwave safe for every day use.

Just think about having your own b and b coffee cups when you are at home. Then you can think back on the great time you had at Down By The River B and B. Of course if you prefer, the cups will also work for tea or hot chocolate on one of those cold nights. You may start thinking about going to a warmer location for a break at mid winter. You will have people ask you about where and when you purchased the cups and that will give you a good reason to tell them about the exploration and adventures that you had here in Southeastern Arizona. That way you can relive the excitement again when you Southeastern Arizona and Down By The River.

 Mike and Angie at Down By The River B and B, the Lodging Hub of Cochise County, are looking forward to greeting you as new or returning guest this season. We are working on having a few new things for our guests to participate in on their trip. The B and B coffee cups are just one of the items that we are offering. So watch our Facebook page, where we make offers first. We will also place things on our specials page and the events page on the website after they have been on Facebook.   But in the mean time go back and enjoy another cup of coffee in your mug and think about how much better it would taste in one of our new b and b coffee cups.


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