San Pedro River Raptors

San Pedro River Raptors Fly Over Down By The River B and B at St David

Northern Harrier Picture

The Northern Harrier was the first Hawk that we photographed of the many San Pedro River Raptors

Our birding guests will find that many San Pedro River raptors can be seen flying over the back of the property at Down By The River B and B. There are a variety of raptors in the area to see and photograph; however, we haven’t been able to photograph all of them. The Northern Harrier was one of the first hawks that we were able to photograph flying over the field along the San Pedro River. Red-tailed hawks are plentiful along the river. There are two types that we see with some frequency. One is the normal Red-tailed and the other one is the Fuertes Morph which is common in this part of Southeastern Arizona.

The difference between the two hawks is best observed when they are in flight and you can see the underside of the bird. The Fuertes Morph is almost pure white underneath with small brown areas on the forward edge of the wing and on the tips of the flight feathers. The Red-Tailed Hawk has browning banding on the tail feathers and the underwings. Once you see the difference each is easy to identify.

Red tail hawk comparison picture

The Red-Tailed Hawk has more underwing color than the Fuertes Morph Red-Tail Hawk.

Sharp shinned hawk picture

Sharp shinned Hawk

Sharp-shinned Hawks are another San Pedro River Raptor we were able to photograph. We had one that hung around the back near the feeders for an hour or two one afternoon. Because he was so accommodating we were able to get a few photographs before he flew off in pursuit of other interests. Needless to say the quail, dove and other small birds found shelter in the brush or trees while he was in the area.

Other San Pedro River raptors we have seen include the Gray Hawks, Mississippi Kites and the Great Horned Owl, in the cottonwoods along the river, The American Kestrel has been seen hovering over the brush looking for prey and then darts down to make the catch before flying back to a tree to feed. Zone Tail, Swainson’s, Coopers and Ferruginous Hawks along with peregrine falcons have all been seen gliding along the tree lined river.

Great Horned Owls Picture

Great Horned Owls Can Be Found In The Barn At White Water Draw.

All this can be seen at a world class B and B in St. David, Arizona. Where else can you have a gourmet breakfast at a relaxing b and b and watch San Pedro River raptors glide over the fields. If you wish to enhance your birding experience check into the birding guides that we have linked on our website at the bottom of our bird  page.

All this is yours as you watch from the patio or when you take your short walk to the river. Down By The River B and B is the perfect spot to have a chance to watch hawks, owls and falcons in a secluded peaceful environment. See you there.


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