Arizona Winter Birding

Arizona Winter Birding – Cochise County has it all

Ducks in Flight Picture

Northern Shoveler taking flight at Twin Lakes Birding Area

Arizona winter birding is a treat for many Midwestern and Canadian travelers escaping the snow and cold weather of their hometowns. But the question is where to go. Well southern Arizona comes to mind. The northern area of the state offers higher elevations and you will find snow and colder weather. This isn’t necessarily good for finding birds but it is great for snow pictures of the Grand Canyon and Sedona red rock country.

The southern part of the state is much better for an Arizona winter birding experience. In fact there are a lot of birds that winter in the southeastern part of Arizona. There are also birds that live in this part of the state all year around. With the autumn migration season over at this point, many birders are making plans for visiting during the spring migration. But there are winter birders that want to go to a warmer area of the country and still see birds.

The birding in Cochise County is always fun to do and this is one of the 5 best birding areas in the US. There is a great festival that is held in January in the town of Willcox, Arizona. It is called Wings Over Willcox and the festival runs from January 14 thru the 18, 2015. During this time period, there are many activities and tours that you can participate in while enjoying the outdoors. This link will take you to the planned activities.

Sand Hill Cranes Returning Picture

When the Sand Hill Cranes arrive they come in waves.

One more of my favorite things to do in Cochise County is to head for White Water Draw to see the San Hill Cranes as the birds return from feeding. The San Hill Cranes winter in this part of Arizona. I wrote a blog on this almost 2 years ago. Along with the cranes are other water birds, including Snow Geese, Loons and a variety of ducks that share the lake system at White Water Draw.

Water Foul Picture

Ducks And Other Water Foul Fill One Of The Ponds

Another Arizona winter birding location is along the San Pedro River where the resident birds can be found foraging in the brush along the river. The San Pedro House has a great trail system that is part of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. The NCA runs from the Mexican border to just south of St. David, Arizona. At the northern end of the NCA, you will find the highly rated Down By The River B and B with easy access to all parts of Cochise County and the Arizona winter birding hot spots. So start planning your Arizona winter birding get away right now and investigate what is offered at our b and b.

Arizona winter birding lodging

Down By The River is the perfect lodging for the Arizona winter birding enthusiast.

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