San Pedro River and Southeastern Arizona Bird Migration

The migratory birds are starting to make their way through Southeastern Arizona using the San Pedro River highway. The cottonwood trees have fully leafed out in the last few weeks and the temperatures are in the 70 and low 80s. It is a great time to be outdoors and watch all the activity. Lizards are out and on the hunt. It won’t be long before the tent caterpillars to start feeding on the leaves and the birds will be right there to take advantage of it.

Gambrel Quail Picture

Gambrel Quail feeding below our feeders

In the last few days Vermillion Flycatchers have been feeding on the property. You can’t miss the bright red flash as they chase an insect. Some swallows flew through this morning at our San Pedro River B and B. The normal sparrows and finches are at the feeders and doves are on the wing. An of course the Gila Woodpeckers are coming to the hummingbird feeders for drinks of nectar. We also noticed that the Gambrel Quail are around now. Yellow headed blackbirds are here is Saint David also. Our resident Says Phoebe is here building her nest again. This will be the 5th year that she has nested on the patio beams.

Raptors are also moving up the river. Just last week we saw 2 Mississippi Kites fly by and stop at the fence. While watering I spotted a Gray Hawk. Wezil Walraven guided a couple of birders that stayed with us at Down By The River last week and he told us that he had seen a common black hawk along with the gray hawks just to the south of us. So the show is beginning with a lot of new birding activities to see here along the San Pedro.

One caution is that the weather is pleasant but this is the desert so take water with you when your out. I saw that the humidity yesterday was very low. Actually at 6 PM when it was 68 degrees the humidity was 1 %. I have never seen it that low before. You will be losing water in that humidity so make sure you hydrate. Also humidity that low increases the fire danger so please be careful. To enjoy all this just come on down to this part of southeasstern Arizona and stay with us at Down By The River B and B. We are located in Saint David on the San Pedro River at the northern end of the San Pedro River National Riparian Conservation Preserve.

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