Southeastern Arizona Sunsets

Southeastern Arizona sunsets viewed at Down By The River B and B

2005 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

2005 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

Desert sunsets are fantastic and Southeastern Arizona sunsets are spectacular. Located in St. David, Down By The River B and B started operations in 2005. During our tenure here, we have taken pictures of many spectacular Southeastern Arizona sunsets. When I was growing up, my parents had received issues of Arizona Highways Magazine from my great aunt. She moved to Arizona while it was still a territory. We would look at the pictures of Southeastern Arizona sunsets and think that these colors could not be real. When I moved to Phoenix, I observed some great sunsets. However, with all the buildings obstructing the view, you could not capture the picture.

After we built Down By The River, we had the wide open spaces to view sunrises and sunsets unimpeded by structures. Down By The River sits on 15 acres of land with little to obstruct the view. We have views of the mountain ranges that surround the Benson / Saint David area.

2006 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2006 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

The monsoon season is the best time to experience the spectacular colors of the Southeastern Arizona sunsets.  Our San Pedro River B and B is perfectly situated for this type of photography. We have photographed hundreds of sunrises and sunsets during that time and no two are the same. There are many locations nearby that offer great opportunities to enhance the sunset.

With such a wide field of view, it is impossible to take a single picture of the entire sunset. The wide open spaces allow for the Southeastern Arizona sunset to fill the entire sky. I found that my camera can’t take one picture and capture all that there is to see. I have experimented with photographing a panorama of the sunsets. I have snapped multiple pictures and while moving the camera after each shot. I assumed that taking multiple pictures would allow for me to capture the entire sunset. Afterwards, I would take all the pictures and stitch them together. I found that the brightness changed from second to second and there was no continuity with the picture. The picture ends up with the demarcation lines that reflected the joint between frames. Maybe with special software you might be able to do this type of photography but unfortunately I don’t possess it.

2007 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2007 Southeastern Arizona Sunset with moonrise

This 2013 monsoon season has been fantastic with the variety of colors in the sunsets. I put some on our Facebook page and you can click here to see what they were like. The series of pictures ranged from yellow to purple. The colors were particularly vivid and it took a few minutes for the colors to change from yellow to purple.

If you wish to see spectacular Southeastern Arizona sunsets and sunrises during the monsoon season, look at setting time aside to visit us at Down By The River, our San Pedro River b and b. During the day you can visit many of the area attractions and possibly get a great photo on your way home. We are called the “Lodging Hub of Cochise County” because our guests can make short day trips to the numerous sites located in Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. After your day is done, make it back to the b and b in time to enjoy sitting on the patio and watch the sunset. Life can’t get much better than this. Come find out for yourself.

2011 Southeastern Arizona Sunset Picture

2011 Southeastern Arizona Sunset


2012 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2012 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

2013 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picutre

2013 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

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2013  Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2013 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

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