Southeast Arizona Bird Migration

Southeast Arizona Bird Migration is best in The San Pedro River Valley

Chipping Sparrow picture

LBJ aka Chipping Sparrow

Southeast Arizona Bird Migration along the San Pedro River reaches its peak in the fall and spring of the year. Some of the migratory birds end their southeast Arizona migration in areas of Cochise County in Southeastern Arizona. Down By The River B and B, the lodging hub of Cochise County, is a perfect spot to stay while you take your day trips to find that bird you need on your life list. There are many birds that spend the winter in Cochise County. The nice sunny days allow for you to spend time watching the birds instead of being bundled up next to a fire at the old homestead. In preparing this blog, I found a website that gives migration routes of birds and approximate times of the year that they migrate. There is some good information in this website and it gives you some general timing for your visit to see the our Southeast Arizona bird migration.

Ducts in Flight Picture

Northern Shoveler taking flight at Twin Lakes Birding Area

The Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, American Avocet, American Coots and a variety of Teals are just a few of the birds that spend the winter in locations around the county. There are lakes and ponds within a short driving distance that are sanctuaries for these birds. Besides the migratory birds that call Southeast Arizona home for the winter, we have the resident birds that live all year long in the area. Many visit our feeders during the day. This allows our guests to be very close so there is no need for that big lens to get that great picture.

One event of Southeast Arizona Bird Migration is held every year in Willcox at the Wings Over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival.  The festival this year is being held between Jan 15 and 19, 2014. There are many things that can be done at the event including seminars, day trips, photography tours, and listening to guest speakers. Tours to some of the birding locations, such as White Water Draw and the San Pedro National Riparian Area, can be done from Down By The River without going to Willcox.

King Bird Picture.

It is nice to have birds pose for you when you are trying to get a picture.

The winters offer many birding opportunities in the Arizona sunshine. There are days of inclement weather but those usually don’t last long and then the weather returns to our famous Arizona sunshine. As the year nears spring, the Southeast Arizona bird migration from the south to the north begins again. March and April are particularly great times to see the birds on the wing with stop-overs at locations on the San Pedro River. During the year approximately 400 birds have been documented along the San Pedro River Valley. Birding is fantastic here in Cochise County and Down By The River B and B backs up to the San Pedro River with easy access. Check out the birding page on our website to see the birds that have been seen around the B and B.

Everyone wants to have a special experience and  if you would like to have some special memories of the Southeast Arizona bird migration,visit Saint David and book your room at Down By The River B and B for the best lodging value in Cochise County. You won’t regret it.


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American Avocet picture

American Avocet walking in the Twin Lakes birding area.

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