Lodging Near Tombstone

It is well known that the best lodging near Tombstone is called Down By The River B and B and has the advantages of modern comforts for our guests.

Down By The River offers superior lodging near Tombstone with the modern comforts not found in older buildings that date from the 19 th and early 20 th century. Our San Pedro River b and b is within a short 20 minute drive of the Town Too Tough To Die. We call ourselves the Lodging Hub of Cochise County for a reason. Our B and B is close to all the attractions that guest will want to see in Cochise County while allowing them to stay at a single location – particularly Tombstone.

Tombstone Courthouse 1952 Picture

The Tombstone Courthouse in 1952

Tombstone was founding in 1878 when silver was found in the area. There are many old pictures that were taken during those early years. We have old friends that visit our lodging near Tombstone. Angie and I recently had the opportunity to visit with Sharon. She gave us the opportunity to scan some old photos of Tombstone. She had taken these pictures when she was visiting back in August of 1952. I haven’t seen many pictures of Tombstone from that era. If someone took pictures of Tombstone during that time, few have survived from 60 years ago. A lot of the town was dilapidated and there were wide open spaces to explore. Boot Hill was just the grave yard without any buildings or shops nearby like today. Some places like the Crystal Palace Saloon were located on the main street of town and appear to have been open for business. Some of the buildings were in disrepair, such as the Courthouse. The OK corral was just a sign hanging in the area and it delineated information on the gunfight. Now there is a daily live reenactment that is held behind a fenced in set.  I have a few photographs from the 50s and also some recent photos so that you can compare the changes.

Mine Shaft picture

In the 1950s the mine shafts were still accessible to the public.

We have also had guests bring us back items that they found in Tombstone for us to use in the B and B. One guest had an old tin type photograph of 4 cowboys that he sent to us after his stay in the cowboy room. The tin type is stamped Tombstone 1878 during the beginning of the mining operations. It shows 4 men with their chaps on and one has his gun drawn. All of them look young. I would love to know the story behind the photograph and who these people were. We have placed this the tin type in the Cowboy room for our guests to view. We also have posted some other pictures of Tombstone on our Facebook page so if you want to see more use this link and while your there give us a like.

The Chrystal Palace Saloon Picture

The Crystal Palace Saloon was only 1 story in 1952.

Since we operate our lodging near Tombstone, we have written a blog about the Tombstone Archives. The Archives are a great place to visit and to see the many artifacts that they have on display. The history of the town is there with the old maps, deeds, and City Records that can be viewed. Through the hard work of the volunteers at the Archives, the old town records of Tombstone were saved from being totally destroyed.

Our guests have been told us many times that we are the best lodging near Tombstone, you should find out why they say that. The Cowboy Room is decorated in the Victorian motif that would have made Wyatt Earp feel right at home. The cowboy paraphernalia that is on display in the room will keep your interest for quite a while. In the morning you will be treated to a breakfast that will satisfy your hunger and provide you energy for exploring that wild town Tombstone for the rest of the day. We are waiting to show you a better way to relax in luxury.Tin Type Picture

Boot Hill Graves Picture

The McLaury/Clanton graves are located at Boot hill Cemetery.

Crystal Palace Saloon Picture

The Crystal Palace Saloon today sports a second story.

Boot Hill Graves

Today’s picture of The Clanton and McLaurys graves are different than what was there 60 years ago.

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