B and B Cowboy Theme Room

B and B Cowboy Theme Room – Victorian Décor Close Up

b and b cowboy theme room picture

Early morning sunrise at the summer solstice lights up the wall of the cowboy room shadow boxes, clock and headboard.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

Different poster can be found on the walls.

Our b and b cowboy theme room is one of our two large rooms. These rooms offer our guests many amenities not offered in the two smaller rooms and is more spacious. This room is my favorite because it reflects the lore of Tombstone just 20 minutes away to the south. The Victorian furnishings add to the mystique of the “Old West” that still can be found in Cochise County. We had a lot of fun collecting items for the b and b cowboy theme room.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

The “Deadman’s Hand” is on display in a Victorian shadow box.

The cowboy room gives you an insight of the late 1800s and how the people who lived in that time survived. The word cowboy wasn’t for a hard working trail hand in the days of 19th Century Arizona Territory. It was a word used more to define outlaws than upright citizens. Hollywood has corrupted the meaning of the original term and gave some dignity to the cowboy genre. Many things in the room would be familiar to the people who lived during that era. We do have the 1890s headboard for the bed. We did take the foot board and cut it up and welded it on to the headboard to make a king size headboard for the bed. Victorian shadow boxes with artifacts decorate the walls as well as wanted posters of the era. There is an 1870s 8 day clock that is also mounted on the wall.

cowboy theme room picture

Unusual framed artwork can be found in the Cowboy room.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

The closets are decorated with many items including a Victorian Wedding dress.

An 1898 wringer is in the room with an old refinished settee. The closet has a Victorian wedding dress and blouse. A stereopticon with viewing slides is also in the closet for your 3 D viewing pleasure. Yes there were 3 D viewers predating Hollywood.  But the pride of this room is the tin ceiling that was culled by a contractor during renovations of the Glendale, Arizona Courthouse. The ceiling is over 100 years old and was installed with all the trim pieces to give the room that final touch of authentisity. The ceiling sets the mood for the room and enhances rest of the décor.

Victorian and Old West artifacts in our b and b cowboy theme room will give you that frontier days nostalgia. This will be helpful when you visit Tombstone. You will have looked at some items in your room and may spot things like them in the shops along Allen St. Click on our room page to find out more about the cowboy room or use this link for a video.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

An “Old West” bar scene can be found outside the entry to the cowboy room.

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