Restaurants in Cochise County

Restaurants in Cochise County – Bisbee Has Great Dining

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Bisbee is nestled in a canyon and is a wonderful place to spend the day and has some of the finest restaurants in Cochise County.

A common question our guests ask about is “Are there good restaurants in Cochise County?” Down By The River B and B is centrally located in Cochise County and when our guests go out they would like to find a restaurant that is close to where they are spending the day. To that end we have made a list of restaurants from various parts of Cochise County and have that posted on our website. We only recommend restaurants to our guests where we have dined and enjoyed the experience. It doesn’t include every restaurant is open but it has to meet our standards.

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Santiagos is near the Copper Queen Hotel and has a Mexican cuisine that you don’t find in may South of the Border fares here in Arizona.

Although Benson is the closest town to us, I will start out with Bisbee restaurants. Why Bisbee? Well Bisbee is a place that you have to see when you come to Southeast Arizona. The old mining town has some yesteryear architecture and is home to 2 of our favorite restaurants in Cochise County. If you are looking for that special place that has a nice atmosphere and servers that are attentive then you will like these two. I am sure that if you can’t get into one you can get into the other but it is always wise to make reservations in advance.

restaurants in cochise county

Cafe Roka provides an exceptional dinner and service. Dining can be on any of the three levels in this restaurant.

Café Roka

restaurants in cochise county

Cafe Roka is located on Tombstone Canyon Road in the heart of the shopping district.

We experienced Café Roka the first time with our neighbors. I believe it was a birthday celebration and we were invited along. Chef Rod Kass has put together a great Mediterranean menu with some enticing staples. The lobster ravioli will make your mouth water. This is a 4 course meal and if you do appetizers, we recommend the stuffed dates, and dessert it can be a 6 course meal. There is always a special of the day. We have eaten here many times since we opened up the b and b. We have never been disappointed with a meal or the service.

restaurants in cochise county

Gourmet Mediterranean cuisine is the forte at this establishment. The duck is one of the highlights.

During this dining experience you will have servers that seem to anticipate when you are finished with a course and stop to clear the dishes. We have never had to ask for water to be refilled in our glasses. You will get soup du jour, a salad, a sorbet to cleanse your palate and your entrée. The desserts are simply decadent. There is a full bar and also a nice wine list. The restaurant is only open Wednesday through Saturday from 5 to 9. There is also a soloist or small ensemble that plays during dinner on Friday nights; a little something to add to the atmosphere of the evening.  Call for reservations at 520-432-5153.


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The inside of Santiagos is colorfully decorated and the meals will fill you up.

Rob Page is the owner of the second Bisbee restaurant in Cochise County that we like. We had walked by this restaurant on our way to the Copper Queen Hotel many times but we never had stopped. Then we met Our new neighbor when he moved in next door to us. He works at Santiagos as a bartender and told us that we needed to come by and sample their wonderful cuisine. This is not the typical Mexican restaurant fare he told us.

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We have enjoyed tasting the food here at Santiagos. There is a wonderful blend of flavors in each mouthful.

They do have the typical tacos, enchiladas, and tamales that you would expect but there are items on the menu that you won’t find in many Mexican restaurants. The menu has ceviché, chilorio, molcajete, and chicken mole, not the rodent the E is pronounced like the letter A. You don’t see these dishes featured on many South of the Border menus here in Arizona. You can read what these items are on the menu page of their website. The food is tasty and you should not walk away hungry from this restaurant. They do have a full bar and feature wines from Spain, Argentina and Chile. They have domestic beers but there are Mexican beers and local micro brews available. Call for reservations at 520-432-1910.

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The main street in Bisbee can be enjoyable at night after you have enjoyed a wonderful dinner at one of the restaurants that thrive in this town.

Other restaurants that we recommend to our guests that are headed to Bisbee are The Bisbee Table, The Copper Queen Hotel and the Café Cornucopia. The Café Cornucopia is not open for dinner. We have also heard some nice things about Table 10 but you need reservations ahead in advance to be allowed in and there are only 10 seats. As of yet we haven’t tried this restaurant but it is on our bucket list. We also like to stop at the Grand Hotel and indulge in drinking one of the craft beers that they will have on tap. It is nice to sample some of these as it adds to the flavor of Bisbee.

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