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Southeastern Arizona Getaway

March 15th, 2015 by Mike Hug

Southeastern Arizona Getaway A Perfect Refuge from The Snow

southeastern Arizona getaway pictue

An Southeastern Arizona getaway isn’t complete unless you experience on of the fabulous Arizona sunsets.

Think of a Southeastern Arizona getaway, if nothing more than to find a refuge from the cold winter that the Midwest and the East Coast has been experiencing. This year has been harsh for the northern climes but here in Southeastern Arizona the weather has been above normal. We haven’t had much freezing weather at all. The last real cold was at the end of January. The trees along the San Pedro River began to bud back in February. It is now March and the trees are full of leaves and shouting that Spring is here.

After shoveling snow for the last 3 months, we have had many of our guests throw up their hands and get on the computer to find our Southeastern Arizona getaway. They want the warm weather to help thaw out their bodies after such a bad winter. Many are coming to Cochise County because the birding here is exceptional. The migration is starting early and there are many birds coming into the area that might not be here for another 3 to 6 weeks during normal years. There is a lot of activity around the river and we have spotted birds already building nests. We are still awaiting Hummingbirds but they should be here soon.

Southeast Arizona Stargazing picture of Jupiter

This is the first attempt at photographing Jupiter. The picture shows the moon to the right side close to the planet.

Another advantage to the warm weather we are experiencing here in Southeastern Arizona is that the night temperatures are also warmer. This is a great advantage because you can stay outside and look at he dark night sky without a lot of warm clothing. You may also experience one of those fabulous Arizona sunsets that you hear about. Stargazing is one of the activities many people from back east aren’t able to do at this time of year. Here in Southeastern Arizona stargazing is unparalleled. Cochise County is known for the dark skies. The Milky Way is aglow overhead and there are many things to see at this time of year. If you want to see planets Jupiter is overhead and with the telescope here at Down By The River B and B you can locate as many as 4 of the moons that orbit Jupiter. Venus and Mars are also up in the early evening.

So if you wish to enjoy bright sunny days and warm nights to stargaze, then a Southeastern Arizona getaway is the thing you will want to plan. The place you will want to be is located here in Cochise County for birding, stargazing, hiking visiting the historical sites of Tombstone, Fort Bowie and Bisbee. Take a look a Cochise County and see what there is to do in this corner of Arizona.

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