Egg Cup with Ham and Cheddar Cheese

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Egg Cup with Berry Nut French Toast Side

/Down By The River has had a lot of requests asking for our BnB recipe for egg cups. Down By The River B&B has many recipes in our rotation and we don’t serve the standard Restaurant fare. This is really a versatile dish and allows us to provide a similar meal for most dietary restrictions, with the exception of vegans. We are adding it to the blog for all of our guests so that they can try it out if they wish. Next to the souffle and crepe breakfast, this is one of those most loved by us.

Here are some ideas for changing up the recipe. If you have a vegetarian leave the meat out and add peppers, onions, mushrooms or other items. For lactose intolerant persons substitute soy milk or silk and use the soy cheeses. For gluten intolerant persons you can use potatoes or gluten free dough for the crust. For types of meat restrictions or just to change up the recipe, the ham can be substituted with any of the following: bacon, chicken, turkey, sausage or other items to your taste. Other cheeses can be used instead of cheddar. You can let your imagination run wild with items in this recipe. We do at times when we run short of a particular item.

As a side with the egg cups, we provide different types of French Toasts, pancakes, waffles or fruit plates with yogurt. Again versatility is the best part of this recipe. You can visit us and you will enjoy what we do for breakfast at our San Pedro River B&B. We never want to serve a breakfast that you can find in a chain restaurant. Our commitment is to make sure we will give you the best breakfast that we can provide and one that you will remember! We also endeavor to give you a different breakfast every time you are here. Of course this doesn’t work for guest that have been here more times than we have recipes. One of the reasons we always look for something new.

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11 oz. – Pie Dough Crust
6 oz.  – Cooked Ham (you can substitute Canadian Bacon or regular bacon)
1 cup – Shredded Cheddar Cheese (you can substitute other types of cheese)
6 – Large Eggs
4 Tbsp – Half and Half
Ground Nutmeg
Ground Black Pepper


 Use 4 – 6 oz. ramekins and coat with butter. Place the crust in the ramekin and cook for 10 minutes at 400o F. Take out and let cool. If you like, you can do this the day before.

Preheat oven to 350 o F.
Cut the ham into 1/4” to 3/8” square pieces and place one half at the bottom of the crust.
Add the cheddar cheese and make a depression in the center.
Add the rest of the ham over the cheddar cheese.
Break the egg shell and place one egg into the depression. Don’t break the yolk.
In a bowl place the other two eggs and the half and half. Mix well until everything is blended.
Equally divide and pour the mixture over each egg in the ramekins.
Sprinkle nutmeg and black pepper, to taste, on the egg yolk.

Place ramekins on a cookie sheet and put into oven for 30 minutes or until the whites are no longer clear. This will yield a runny yolk egg. If you want the egg harder cook for longer.

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