Birding The San Pedro River

Birding the San Pedro River can add to your life list.

Many of our guests love birding the San Pedro River at the northern end of the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area. Down By The River has access to the San Pedro River and it is just a short walk from the patio. The tree line marks the river’s location and even if water isn’t flowing under the bridge in St. David it is at the back of the B and B property. We have cut a trail that takes you to a gate in the fence near the river. Our guests have found many birds in the area while birding the San Pedro River. Look at our list of birds that were located around the B and B.

Ponds while birding the San Pedro River picture

Ponds are located throughout St. David.

There are other locations nearby for birding the San Pedro River. The Holy Trinity Monastery has an award winning 1.3 mile birding trail that was built in 1992. The trail goes around ponds and down to the San Pedro River. The Benedictine monks operate the monastery and welcome the birders that come to walk the trail. There are various types of waterfowl at the monastery pond and many a birder has added to their list at this location.

Saint David is a desert greenbelt and is  known for all the ponds in the area. This is because of the clay content of the ground throughout the area and the natural springs that come to the surface. There are also man made ponds that are located near the San Pedro River.  Down By The River is in an area where we have access to a private pond within walking distance. Angie and I recently had been birding the San Pedro River and decided to check the pond out. I hadn’t been to the pond in many years and Angie had never been there. The pond is about 8 acres and has reeds and cattails around the edge. This provides a natural blind and allows you to get close to the waterfowl.

American Coot Picture

American Coots can be found at ponds while birding The San Pedro River

We walked around the pond and check out what was there. The pond had American Coots for the most part. Some smaller birds were in the rushes and scattered as we went by. I have seen other birds there in the past and the pond is not so large that you can’t get some nice photographs. So plan your visit and let us know you want to see the pond. We will tell you how to get there and if were not too busy we may even go with you. When you’re birding the San Pedro River there are a lot of opportunities that are available to get that good photo.

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