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Great Coffee is served in our B and B Coffee Cups

August 28th, 2013 by Mike Hug

B and B coffee cups for our guests are now being offered.

B and B coffe cups picture

Down By The River B and B coffee cups are made at a local artisan so that we can offer them to our guests as a memento of their visit.

Down By The River is know for the great coffee and teas served in the B and B coffee cups. The B and B coffee cups are decorated with different birds on them. But a different design for Down By The River B and B coffee cups are now available at the B and B for $7.50 plus tax. We have found a local artisan that lives near our B and B in Southeastern Arizona. He has taken our artwork and applied it to the cups that you see above.The cups hold 11 oz of coffee like our normal cups we use here at the b and b. They are dishwasher and microwave safe for every day use.

Just think about having your own b and b coffee cups when you are at home. Then you can think back on the great time you had at Down By The River B and B. Of course if you prefer, the cups will also work for tea or hot chocolate on one of those cold nights. You may start thinking about going to a warmer location for a break at mid winter. You will have people ask you about where and when you purchased the cups and that will give you a good reason to tell them about the exploration and adventures that you had here in Southeastern Arizona. That way you can relive the excitement again when you Southeastern Arizona and Down By The River.

 Mike and Angie at Down By The River B and B, the Lodging Hub of Cochise County, are looking forward to greeting you as new or returning guest this season. We are working on having a few new things for our guests to participate in on their trip. The B and B coffee cups are just one of the items that we are offering. So watch our Facebook page, where we make offers first. We will also place things on our specials page and the events page on the website after they have been on Facebook.   But in the mean time go back and enjoy another cup of coffee in your mug and think about how much better it would taste in one of our new b and b coffee cups.


Tombstone Events

August 24th, 2013 by Mike Hug

Tombstone Events In October

Tombstone stage picture

The Tombstone stage ride give a historic tour of the town.

October is a good month for Tombstone events that are fun for the whole family. After the summer heat is gone the town comes alive with things to do including the following:

  • Corvettes & Ghost Riders – Tombstone –3 to 6
  • Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride – Tombstone – 13 to 18
  • 83rd Annual Helldorado Days – Tombstone – 18 to 20
  • Cowboy Action Shooting State Championship – Tombstone – 23 to 27

Corvettes & Ghost Riders is a corvette car rally that raises funds for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and some Tombstone Charities. The rally is a fun for car buffs and the main event on Saturday is a car show. There are other fun things to do during the 3 days of the rally.

Tombstone Event for Vendetta Riders Picture

Smile when you say that!

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride is a 6 day event that is for the hardy horseman. This ride starts early in the morning and goes most of the day. We had a couple of wranglers from Texas that stayed with us and wanted to do this event for a long time. They finally did and told us that it was a rugged ride in the back areas of Cochise County. This ride follows the trail of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday as they hunted the cowboys that they believed were responsible for killing Morgan and wounding Virgil Earp.

Helldorado Days has been held since 1929 and is the main signature event in Tombstone. It is held on the weekend closest to the date of the anniversary of the towns founding. It also happens to be close to the date of the Shooting at the OK Corral. There is family fun for everyone and the streets are full of people dressed in the period clothing. Not all of them are the actors who do the street skits. Many are people who dress up and just like to become part of the Old West.

Cowboy Action Shooting State Championships are an SASS sponsored Tombstone event. This event is a timed event sponsored by the Single Action Shooting Society and has been going since 1999. The event draws up to 300 participants and currently all the slots for the event have been filled. It only took 8 days to fill the sign up sheet. This Championship is popular with Old West aficionados. There are different types of events with different types of guns. All the shooters must have aliases from real to fictional characters of the old west or movies and must dress appropriately to reflect the era. It should be a full 5 days of old fashion shooting.  I would think that a person would have some great photographic opportunities during this event.

If you go to the Tombstone events then you need to have a place to stay. October tends to be busy in Southeastern Arizona since the birder watchers are here during migration, people attending all the Tombstone events, and with many other events in Bisbee, Benson and the wine country.  What could be better than a B and B that is close to Tombstone but is not as rustic. Where you can sleep in king beds instead of full size. Where peace and quiet at night is followed the next morning by a hearty breakfast that will get you through the day. Check us out at Down By The River “The Lodging Hub of Cochise County.” Plan your visit before every lodging place is filled up.

Arizona Wine Challenge at Down By The River B & B

August 18th, 2013 by Mike Hug

The Arizona Wine Challenge at The River

Glass of wine picture


Announcing the “Arizona Wine Challenge at the River” on November 2, 2013. We have put it up on Facebook for all of our fans for about 3 weeks so that they had the first chance to sign up. Now we are opening the special up for anyone that would like to participate.

What is the Arizona Wine Challenge?

Well let me explain the highlights for you. Angie and I believe that Arizona Wine can stand up to wines that are made anywhere else in the country or in the world for that matter. So we decided to have an Arizona Wine Challenge at Down By The River B and B. Each guest will be able to sample different wines and to rate each. We want to have a fun evening with wine tasting and some finger foods for pairings with the wine. The event should be fun for everyone and you will be able to taste some wines from wineries that you may have seen but never tasted.

We have a pdf with the information that you can download here. But I will give you the simple synopsis right here. The event will start at 6 PM on Saturday, November 2. Each guest will bring a bottle of their favorite NON-ARIZONAN grape wine ie 2 bottles for a couple. Couples should not bring the same wine so that there is a variety, besides you have 2 chances to win then. The bottles will be given to Angie or me upon arrival and preferably in a bag to conceal the type of wine from the other guests. Angie and I will provide two bottles of Arizona Wines.

Prior to the contest, Angie and I will open the bottles to let them breathe and we will number them for the taste test. Rating sheets will be given to each guest. We will begin with the first wine and everyone will taste that wine and rate it. Then we will move on the the next and rate that. This will continue until we are done.  After the rating sheets are turned in we will reveal the wines that are in the taste test for everyone to examine. The remaining wine can then be sampled again by everyone. We will then take the rating sheets and determine the winner.

The person that brought the winning non-Arizona wine will be given a bottle of wine from an Arizona Winery.

This will require a 2 night stay for the guests and only guests will be allowed to participate. There are special rules that you will find on the pdf that you can download. Reservations for this event can only be made by phone but you can email us your phone number and tell us that you want to attend and we will call you back. We will not be allowing any online reservations for this event. Oh and one last thing – You have to be at least 21 to attend and we will be checking IDs.

Southeastern Arizona Sunsets

August 13th, 2013 by Mike Hug

Southeastern Arizona sunsets viewed at Down By The River B and B

2005 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

2005 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

Desert sunsets are fantastic and Southeastern Arizona sunsets are spectacular. Located in St. David, Down By The River B and B started operations in 2005. During our tenure here, we have taken pictures of many spectacular Southeastern Arizona sunsets. When I was growing up, my parents had received issues of Arizona Highways Magazine from my great aunt. She moved to Arizona while it was still a territory. We would look at the pictures of Southeastern Arizona sunsets and think that these colors could not be real. When I moved to Phoenix, I observed some great sunsets. However, with all the buildings obstructing the view, you could not capture the picture.

After we built Down By The River, we had the wide open spaces to view sunrises and sunsets unimpeded by structures. Down By The River sits on 15 acres of land with little to obstruct the view. We have views of the mountain ranges that surround the Benson / Saint David area.

2006 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2006 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

The monsoon season is the best time to experience the spectacular colors of the Southeastern Arizona sunsets.  Our San Pedro River B and B is perfectly situated for this type of photography. We have photographed hundreds of sunrises and sunsets during that time and no two are the same. There are many locations nearby that offer great opportunities to enhance the sunset.

With such a wide field of view, it is impossible to take a single picture of the entire sunset. The wide open spaces allow for the Southeastern Arizona sunset to fill the entire sky. I found that my camera can’t take one picture and capture all that there is to see. I have experimented with photographing a panorama of the sunsets. I have snapped multiple pictures and while moving the camera after each shot. I assumed that taking multiple pictures would allow for me to capture the entire sunset. Afterwards, I would take all the pictures and stitch them together. I found that the brightness changed from second to second and there was no continuity with the picture. The picture ends up with the demarcation lines that reflected the joint between frames. Maybe with special software you might be able to do this type of photography but unfortunately I don’t possess it.

2007 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2007 Southeastern Arizona Sunset with moonrise

This 2013 monsoon season has been fantastic with the variety of colors in the sunsets. I put some on our Facebook page and you can click here to see what they were like. The series of pictures ranged from yellow to purple. The colors were particularly vivid and it took a few minutes for the colors to change from yellow to purple.

If you wish to see spectacular Southeastern Arizona sunsets and sunrises during the monsoon season, look at setting time aside to visit us at Down By The River, our San Pedro River b and b. During the day you can visit many of the area attractions and possibly get a great photo on your way home. We are called the “Lodging Hub of Cochise County” because our guests can make short day trips to the numerous sites located in Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. After your day is done, make it back to the b and b in time to enjoy sitting on the patio and watch the sunset. Life can’t get much better than this. Come find out for yourself.

2011 Southeastern Arizona Sunset Picture

2011 Southeastern Arizona Sunset


2012 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picture

2012 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

2013 Southeastern Arizona Sunset picutre

2013 Southeastern Arizona Sunset

Building a B and B known as Down By The River

August 6th, 2013 by Mike Hug

Building a B and B called Down By The River has many interesting stories.

Raw Land Picture

When we saw the property there was nothing here except for the natural vegetation.

Before we built our San Pedro River B and B, we wanted Down By The River to have a design that was a unique and would make people go wow. Building a B and B from scratch is quite an undertaking. We did a lot of research on what we liked and what we didn’t like about other b and bs. We made a plan to get all the things to work right. The details need to be put together so that you have a path to reach your goal. Barb and I began 2 years of research determine we wanted to do, what the market was and how to make the pieces fit together. There are many things to consider prior to building a b and b including setting up systems for financial and legal requirement, website design, marketing and determining location, menus, themes and clientele. Buying something that is established is always easier.

Ground breaking picture

Barb and I broke ground during the the winter of 2003 -2004.

Setting all other items aside, the construction aspects of building a b and b from scratch can lead to some interesting challenges. We decided a conventional building with a gable roof didn’t provide the wow factor Barb wanted. After much review, we settled on a Spanish Territorial or as it more commonly called a Santa Fe style. We wanted to have a building that was more in line with the buildings that would have been built by the pioneers that came into the territory. We decided that this style of building would be incomplete if there was no bell tower installed.

Many guests have ask us who the architect was that designed the building. We tell them that Mike did. Then they ask how did I know what to do and where did I come up with the plan? I tell them that I was in the construction business for 38 years. Further I explain that the plan originated almost 50 years ago. An assignment in a high school architectural drawing class was the origin of the plan when I started building a b and b. Our last project was to draw a house we would like to build one day. Little did I know that one day I would take that old plan and modify it to fulfill the dream we envisioned in our San Pedro River b and b.

Construction picture

Down By The River under Construction with the bell tower framed in.

In the design for Down By The River, I placed a bell tower above the main entry. All I needed was a bell to position in the tower. It could be large, small, real, metal or plastic; it should be easy to find one right? Barb in all her wandering of antique stores, junk shops, yard sales and fairs never saw a bell. We started to think that we wouldn’t ever find one and there would be an empty hole where the bell should have been. But fate had other plans for us – My Dad!

Except for his service in the Navy in WWII, my dad worked all his life for a cement plant in California. During his tenure, my brother and I were given the chance of a lifetime. My dad was good friends with the engineer that ran the train for the plant. My dad was able to have us ride an old steam locomotive that brought the limestone from a quarry down to the main plant to be processed into cement. We were able to stand in the cab next to the engineer and each of us rang the brass bell on the engine. When the engineer retired, one of his retirement gifts was the bell off the old locomotive. The cement company retired the locomotive to a train museum in Southern California. Click here and you can see the old train and a little of the history about it.

Bell tower Picture

The bell tower was finished it just needed the bell installed.

The engineer moved to Oregon and took the bell with him. My parents retired and used to go up to Oregon to go salmon fishing and have a visit with my dad’s old friend. During one of the visits the engineer told my dad that he was dying of cancer and that he wanted to give him the bell from the locomotive. No one wanted it and he had no one to give it to except my dad. So the bell ended up in California again.

Barb and I were visiting California and during the visit, we explained to my parents about the frustrating time we were having trying to find a bell. The process of building a b and b had started and were having no luck with our search. My dad smiled and said he had just the thing for us. He took us out to the garage and pulled a blanket off of the bell. Then he asked us if that would work. He then explained how he had gotten the bell and that it was the one we rang when we were riding in the locomotive. It certainly took a long time to come full circle but the bell and building a b and b all started about 50 years ago.

Bell in bell tower picture

The bell is in the bell tower and when I am on the roof, I take the time to ring it at least once.

So if you decide to come to Southeastern Arizona you need to stay at Down By The River and hear the other stories we have about building a b and b. There are many other stories to be told. You can even see the bell in the tower but unless you are on the roof you won’t be able to ring it. I still haven’t figured an easy way to set the bell rope up so that we can ring the bell. But when I am on the roof, I do ring it a few times just to hear that wonderful sound. So as Paul Harvey would say “Now you know the rest of the story.”

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