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A Place To Stay On The San Pedro River

February 27th, 2014 by Mike Hug

Birders are always looking for a place to stay on the San Pedro River during the peak migration times.

Northern Flicker Pidture

The Norther Flicker can be found at the Birding hotspot on the San Pedro River

Down By The River B and B is the place to stay on the San Pedro River. Located at the northern end of The San Pedro River National Conservation Area, the b and b is the only lodging facility that can be found at this end of the NCA.  The 57,000 acres of public land spans from the Mexican border to the southern end of St. David, Arizona. Down By The River  is also centrally located so other birding areas are within a short driving distance.

Crissal Thrasher

The Crissal Thrasher can be found along the San Pedro River and was located at Down By The River in February of 2014.

The BLM manages this Important Birding Area (IBA) which is entirely located in Cochise County, Arizona. The NCA was set aside by Congress on November 18, 1988 and is one of the four major north – south migratory corridors used by birds. The San Pedro River is the last free flowing river located in Arizona. Birders are drawn to a place to stay on the San Pedro River since the birding activity is around the river. The river behind Down By The River B and B is flowing above ground continuously most years. With the recent drought the river may go underground in late June until the Monsoons begin in early July.

The San Pedro River is a source of food and water for a variety of wildlife. Approximately 80 species of mammals live along the river along with 14 species of fish, 40 or more species of reptiles and amphibians and over 100 birds that reside in this part of Cochise County year round. Over 250 species of birds use the corridor as their migratory path to the breeding sites in the north and the wintering sites in the south. Down By The River is a perfect place to stay on the San Pedro River while viewing the wildlife.

Mule deer are frequent visitors to Down By The River.

Mule deer are frequent visitors to Down By The River.

The property is frequented by mule deer, javelina, coatimundi, raccoon, bobcat and other animals during the year. Sonoran Toads leave the burrows during the monsoons and can be found all over the property. Their croaking signals the arrival of the monsoon rains. Look at the bird list on our website to find all the birds that have been seen in the small area that surrounds the b and b. The density of birds along the river during migration can reach 40 per acre. With 15 acres at the b and b, there is little doubt that you will find this a great place to stay on the San Pedro River. Being secluded gives the advantage to birders because there aren’t large crowds disturbing your viewing. The area around the b and b is home to grey hawks and is a confirmed nesting area for Mississippi Kites.

B&B San Pedro Birding Picture

Sometimes you need to shoot a picture through a window. The shot isn’t going to be perfect but it can be made.

To learn more about the IBA and the migratory birds you may find here, check out this website.  Down By the River lodging hum has been the best place to stay on the San Pedro River for birders since it opened in 2005. The migration is going to be happening soon. March and April will be the peak months so don’t miss your chance to fill in your life list. Check out what we have to offer and explore the river as you look for the wildlife that inhabit it. Check for availability here.

A Romantic Place To Stay In Southeast Arizona

February 20th, 2014 by Mike Hug

Romantic Place To Stay In Southeast Arizona is centrally located in Cochise County

Cheers on the patio of a Romantic palce to stay in Southeast ArizonaA romantic place to stay in Southeast Arizona is located at a B and B along the banks of the San Pedro River in Saint David. Down By The River B and B has been host to many couples that have spent their honeymoon night surrounded by the peace and quiet of our secluded bed and breakfast. We have had couples celebrating their anniversaries and Valentines Day here at our highly rated get away. We have a short story to tell about two gentlemen that planned a Valentines get away with their wives.

Mike and Dan didn’t want their wives to know what was going to happen and they made the reservations on the sly. Each of them called when they were away from home. They made sure that the communications were through private emails. We worked with them on the charges so that the wives wouldn’t see anything come through on the bills. And during the two months leading up to Valentine’s Day they didn’t let the cat out of the bag. They planned the perfect get away to a romantic place to stay in Southeast Arizona.Relaxing Southeast Arizona Inn Picture

Since it was Valentine’s weekend, Down By The River was offering a special for our guests that stayed with us for two nights. We provided flowers free of charge from our local florist that we always use. We made sure that they were placed  in the room for the guests prior to their arrival. Meanwhile Angie provided a memory maker by creating beautiful handmade Valentines cards for each of the couples. This added that something special that you remember when you are at a romantic place to stay in Southeast Arizona.

With our part done and ready, Mike and Dan had packed their wives suitcases and unbeknownst to them loaded the luggage into the car. Then they told their wives they were going on a short trip to do some horse back riding and have dinner. They said it would only be an hour or so and they got everyone in the car and left for our b and b. The stopped at a house that was for sale and acted like that was where the horses were suppose to be. Faking dejection they drove on to the B and B and said that this was a friend that would be making dinner.

When they arrived we started our tour of the b and b and explaining the main guest room. Charity and Kelly were looking at me like I was wasting my time and they didn’t understand why we would do that. When we started explaining about breakfast, Mike and Dan were laughing and finally explained. This was one of the best cons I had ever seen pulled and they did it to perfection. They were let into their rooms and after a while were dressed for dinner and on their way out the door to a restaurant in Bisbee. Everyone enjoyed the weekend and Mike and Dan will now have to work hard to top this.

Valentines Day card picture

Handmade Valentines Day cards were made by Angie for our guests that stayed at our b and b.

So when you want to have a quiet romantic place to stay in Southeast Arizona, think about Down By The River B and B The Lodging Hub of Coshise County. We are into the memory making business and have had some practice and making our guest feel the special something that you will find when you book a room here. Let us know in advance if you are celebrating an anniversary and if we have the lead time Angie can make up a card that will be part of your memories. If you wish, we can also provide flowers at a nominal charge for anniversaries, birthdays or other events.

A Place To Stay Near Kartchner Caverns

February 13th, 2014 by Mike Hug

Place to stay near Kartchner Caverns – Try highly recommended Down By The River B and B

B and B picture

Down By The River B and B is the ideal place to stay near Kartchner Caverns

Looking for a place to stay near Kartchner Caverns? You have the chance to stay at a world class b and b in Saint David, south of Benson and just minutes from the State Park. Kartchner Caverns  was discovered in 1974. After a long process involving purchase of the land and construction of the site infrastructure by the State of Arizona, the Caverns were opened in November, 1999. Down By The River B and B was first opened in 2005 to give our guests an opportunity to stay at the closest B and B to Kartchner Caverns.

The Caverns have two escorted tours for visitors, both of which are about 1 ½ hour long. One tour is year round and is named the Rotunda / Throne Room, which has the large stone flow called Kubla Khan. The second tour is The Big Room and is only opened between October 15 and April 15. You can look at Youtube video  of the caverns tour as it previews what sites you will see. You can book online for the tours at the State Website . Before your tour, you will think about a place to stay near Kartchner Caverns which will allow you time to see more of the area. The answer to that query is Down By The River B and B, The Lodging Hub of Cochise County.

Kartchner Caverns Entry Sing picture

Kartchner Caverns State Park is the most pristine live cave in the United States.

When you visit Cochise County to see Kartchner Caverns, you will see that there are many things for you to do before you go home. Being a place to stay near Kartchner Caverns, Down By The River B and B is also close to many other nearby attractions including Tombstone, Bisbee, and The San Pedro River National Riparian Area for birding. There are National Monuments, state parks, historical sites and old ghost towns in this part of Southeastern Arizona. The b and b is also close to both wine centers/regions in this part of Arizona.

So when you are considering a visit to Cochise County and the caverns, book with Down By The River B and B. We are the place to stay near Kartchner Caverns and all the other sites in Southeastern Arizona. Find out first hand why a Canadian Travel Writer said “This is one of the most spectacular B and Bs in the US”.

Place To Stay Near Tombstone

February 6th, 2014 by Mike Hug

A Place To Stay Near Tombstone is Down By The River B & B

B and B picture

Down By The River B and B is a highly rated lodging choice when choosing a place to stay near Tombstone

Looking for a place to stay near Tombstone, Arizona, then look no further than the highly rated Down By The River Bed and Breakfast. The b and b is located in Saint David approximately 20 minutes north of Tombstone just off highway 80. The Santa Fe style b and b abuts the San Pedro River at the northern end of the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area which is a birder delight. Down By The River is a great place to stay if you also want to stay in one location and have easy access to the other parts of Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. That is the reason that we are called “The Lodging Hub of Cochise County”.

Tin Type Picture

Old photo of cowboys in Tombstone. This photo is located in the Cowboy Room at Down By The River B & B

Tombstone has the appeal and mystic of the Old West. It is one of the go to destinations for the fans of the Western Gunfight. There are many events throughout the year in Tombstone and people look for a place to stay near Tombstone to be close to all the action. There are events to attend in Tombstone this spring. In March, Tombstone celebrates Wild West Days. In April, The Rose Tree Festival is held and in May Wyatt Earp Days takes to the streets. The biggest event is held in October with the rip roaring Helldorado Days celebration. Many places to stay near Tombstone have no vacancies left by September.

Tombstone stage picture

The Tombstone stage ride give a historic tour of the town.

While there is lodging in Tombstone, none can compare with our place to stay near Tombstone. The many reviews that we have tell the story of the museum quality of the artifacts that are in the large comfortable rooms. Our gourmet breakfast that is served every morning stands head and shoulders above the conventional fare that is offered at other lodging locations. Down By The River B and B hosts work hard at giving you that extra effort to make your stay enjoyable. Try us out and find out why other guest rate their stay with us so high. Check out our availability now.

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