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The dining room table

July 14th, 2010 by Mike Hug


Many guests have asked us the history of the dining room table that is located at Down By The River B and B. It is a little drama all in itself actually. After Barb and I had decided to open a B and B, she went out shopping for items to put into the place. One thing she wanted was something that stood out and made a statement. Barb didn’t want anything that you could walk into any furniture store and find. It had to be different. One Saturday, as was her normal schedule, she went out scrounging yard sales in Phoenix and the surrounding areas and then off to antique stores

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Monsoon Season In Southeastern Arizona

July 4th, 2010 by Mike Hug

July brings the monsoons to Southeastern Arizona after the heat up in southwestern and central Arizona. The rains come in down pours and the desert turns green with new growth unlike the central and western part of the state. The temperatures moderate with the storms and it isn’t unusual to be able to sit outside and enjoy a meal or snack while watching the show with temperatures in the 8Os, at least 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

Southeastern Arizona is at a higher elevation,

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