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Arizona B and B Recipe

February 9th, 2015 by Mike Hug

Arizona B and B Recipe – Country Apple Dumplings

Arizona B and B recipe picture

Our Arizona B and B recipe for apple dumplings is a taste treat.

Our Arizona B and B recipe is what makes our breakfast. We look for great recipes to serve and our guests have been pleased at our efforts with breakfasts. If we can find one that uses the fresh fruit that we can pick at Apple Annie’s, all the better. Down By The River B and B has a great breakfast and many of our guests have posted just how much they enjoy the breakfasts in their reviews. We always strive to make something that people will not find in a normal chain restaurant. Many but not all of our recipes can be found on this blog. Just click on the category button for recipes and you will find some of the most popular recipes that we have.

We recently experimented with a recipe that we thought would go good with our quiche. The savory Italian Sausage Quiche is a great number 1 entree but we also provide another secondary sweet entree to go with it. We had return guests that had previously had a secondary entree that we served so we decided to try this out. We try not to repeat for returning customers. This entree is called Country Apple Dumplings. It was such a hit that we decided to keep it and place it into our menu selection. Take a look at it and give it a try.

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Apple Stuffed French Toast Recipe

May 17th, 2011 by Mike Hug


LogoFrom the kitchen of Down By The River Bed and Breakfast for your enjoyment.

Apple Stuffed French Toast is a favorite at Down By The River in St. David, Arizona, located in southeastern, Arizona (SE AZ). Our bed and breakfast is known for the gourmet breakfasts that we serve our guests and this is one of the many that we have for them.

French Toast Picture

Apple Stuffed French Toast Fresh From The Oven

If you review some of the guest comments that we have on our webpage you will see that they enjoy the breakfasts that we serve. We have had many guests ask us for this particular recipe. With the Apple Stuffed French Toast, we usually serve the tomato, basil and sweet Italian sausage quiche. We use Granny Smith apples  that are always fresh and ripe and they add their own tangy touch to the recipe. This makes it a taste treat for those that want to have something that really gives pizzazz for breakfast. Pecans top the toast but can be left off if so desired.

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Mikes Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe

April 18th, 2011 by Mike Hug


From the kitchen of Down By The River Bed and Breakfast for your enjoyment.

Down By The River B and B is located in St. David, AZ.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Tropical Smoothies Ready To Enjoy

We include in our breakfasts a little appetizer prior to the main course. We make many different types of  smoothies that are delectable and refreshing. It is a good start at getting your taste buds awake prior to sitting down to enjoy your gourmet breakfast.

Bon Apitito!




Mike’s Polynesian Fruit Smoothie


1- 8 oz container      Vanilla yogurt
2 cups                          Frozen mixed tropical fruit (Festival Fruit from Costco)*

1 – 12 oz can              Mango Juice
1 – 12 oz can              Guava Juice
1 tsp                             Coconut Snow ™  (powdered coconut)
1                                     Frozen Banana
1                                     Large Kiwi sliced and peeled


*This requires a heavy duty blender if you use the frozen fruit otherwise defrost the fruit prior to blending.

In a blender place all the contents and blend until all the fruit is chopped up into a fine blend.

Cut kiwi into slices and peel, partially bisect the fruit slice.

Pour into 8 oz glasses and garnish with kiwi fruit slice on the rim. – serves 6

So You Want To Know How To Make A Souffle?

March 15th, 2011 by Mike Hug

Down By The River LogoWhen we started Down By The River B and B, we wanted to have a dish that was not something you would see in a restaurant menu. We wanted something that would make the guests remember our breakfast and talk about it to friends. So we came up with the idea of making soufflés.

“Soufflé” just the word brings fear to many cooks. Have you thought – “Oh that is just to hard for me to do.” or “Soufflés are so temperamental, I wouldn’t be able to get it right” or “I couldn’t ever do that I am not a chef.” These are just some of the things that have been told to me by guests after we have served the soufflé to them at Down By The River B and B’s breakfast. There are others that have asked us How do you make a soufflé and can I have the recipe?

Mike and Angie can both make the soufflé without any fear or trepidation. It is a simple process and really can flow like clockwork. The preparation of the ingredients is the key

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