Birders Lodging Theme Room

Bird Room – A Feathery Vision of Nature

birders lodging theme room picture

The branches, birds, nests and birdhouses hang suspended in air.

birders lodging theme room

During the winter a cozy fire can be enjoyed in the bird room fireplace.

The bird room is our birders lodging theme room. Gone are the days of the Spanish Padres, the prospectors and the cowboys, although some still ride range down here in Cochise County. Today one of the biggest activities in Cochise County is bird watching and tourism. The San Pedro River is one of the best birding areas in the US will nearly 400 species of birds that can be found here during the year. Check out the bird page on our website for the birds that have been spotted around the b and b. This is why we chose the name for our birders lodging theme room.

birders lodging theme room pciture

There are many bird ceramic displays in the bird room.

The bird room is a match of the cowboy room in size and amenities. This room has a much lighter and airy feeling than the cowboy room. It is also our most popular room with our guests. The difference stops there as the décor for the bird room is all about birds and nature. This room has an unobstructed view toward the San Pedro River. The headboard in the bird room is unique. It is really a table top that has had a layer of match sticks stained and placed on the table top in a pattern. The amount of time and effort is amazing and it must seen to really get the feel for the

birders lodging theme room

The headboard is a table top that has been hand designed.

artistry. The room also features a quilt from the early 1950s with a square for each state at that time. These 48 squares show the state birds and state flowers for all the states prior to Alaska and Hawaii being admitted to the union.

birders lodging theme room

We even have a bird house that we rent out as a b and b for our feathered friends.

The bird theme is carried throughout the room with different figurines, crafts and painting of birds. Over the fireplace is a grouping of branches, nests, birds and bird houses that appear to be suspended into the room. A “Birds Eye Maple” dresser is also featured in the room along with some other antique items that were found in various locations in Arizona. In the closet we even had a bird house that is made up to look like a b and b.  Our birders lodging theme room was actually one of the harder rooms to find items for that fit the theme. We still are looking for items that will help complement the décor in that room. Click on our room page to find out more about the bird room or use this link for a video.

birders lodging theme room

More bird ceramics are hung on the walls along with a framed needlework.

B and B Cowboy Theme Room

B and B Cowboy Theme Room – Victorian Décor Close Up

b and b cowboy theme room picture

Early morning sunrise at the summer solstice lights up the wall of the cowboy room shadow boxes, clock and headboard.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

Different poster can be found on the walls.

Our b and b cowboy theme room is one of our two large rooms. These rooms offer our guests many amenities not offered in the two smaller rooms and is more spacious. This room is my favorite because it reflects the lore of Tombstone just 20 minutes away to the south. The Victorian furnishings add to the mystique of the “Old West” that still can be found in Cochise County. We had a lot of fun collecting items for the b and b cowboy theme room.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

The “Deadman’s Hand” is on display in a Victorian shadow box.

The cowboy room gives you an insight of the late 1800s and how the people who lived in that time survived. The word cowboy wasn’t for a hard working trail hand in the days of 19th Century Arizona Territory. It was a word used more to define outlaws than upright citizens. Hollywood has corrupted the meaning of the original term and gave some dignity to the cowboy genre. Many things in the room would be familiar to the people who lived during that era. We do have the 1890s headboard for the bed. We did take the foot board and cut it up and welded it on to the headboard to make a king size headboard for the bed. Victorian shadow boxes with artifacts decorate the walls as well as wanted posters of the era. There is an 1870s 8 day clock that is also mounted on the wall.

cowboy theme room picture

Unusual framed artwork can be found in the Cowboy room.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

The closets are decorated with many items including a Victorian Wedding dress.

An 1898 wringer is in the room with an old refinished settee. The closet has a Victorian wedding dress and blouse. A stereopticon with viewing slides is also in the closet for your 3 D viewing pleasure. Yes there were 3 D viewers predating Hollywood.  But the pride of this room is the tin ceiling that was culled by a contractor during renovations of the Glendale, Arizona Courthouse. The ceiling is over 100 years old and was installed with all the trim pieces to give the room that final touch of authentisity. The ceiling sets the mood for the room and enhances rest of the décor.

Victorian and Old West artifacts in our b and b cowboy theme room will give you that frontier days nostalgia. This will be helpful when you visit Tombstone. You will have looked at some items in your room and may spot things like them in the shops along Allen St. Click on our room page to find out more about the cowboy room or use this link for a video.

b and b cowboy theme room picture

An “Old West” bar scene can be found outside the entry to the cowboy room.

Southeast Arizona B and B Theme Rooms

Southeast Arizona B and B Theme Rooms – Prospector Room – Looking for the mother lode

southwest arizona b and b theme rooms picture

We have found and displayed different minerals in the prospector room.

Our Southeast Arizona b and b theme rooms continue with the prospector room. Southeast Arizona has its share of mining claims. Some locations here in Cochise County still have active mines. Silver and copper are the main ores but there is also gold to be found. There is still a chance that some luck cuss that knows what he is looking will find something. Now as for me, I could trip over a silver deposit and keep on walking.

We chose the prospector room as one of our Southeast Arizona b and b theme rooms because of all the mining that was done in the area. Tombstone is probably one of the more famous finds but it is not the only one. Bisbee had a large mining operation that was in

southwest arizona b and b theme rooms

The walls of the prospector room have many things to see including old photos, maps, stock certificates and mining equipment.

use into the 1980s. The decorations for the room were gathered throughout the US and fit into the early 1900s era. Old maps of Arizona are on display. We also have Arizona mining stock certificates but found them in Florida because we couldn’t find them in Arizona. We have a canary cage that was used down in the mines. The canary was kept in the mine to warn miners if deadly gasses would build up. If the canary quit singing that was a sign of trouble.

Minerals and scales are also found in the room along with personal mining equipment such as carbide lamps, ladles and pots. Outside the room on the private patio are 2 mining buckets used to winch ore up the shaft from the bottom of the mine. There is also an antique vanity in the room that is equipped with side mirrors that would allow the woman to view herself from front or back. Along with the other turn of the century furniture we decided to have some unique end tables for the bed. One is an old icebox, pre-electric, and one is a 1920s radio cabinet.The room also has a real tin ceiling installed which is over 100 years old.

southern arizona b and b theme room picture

Before the refrigerator and electric power, ice boxes were used to preserve food. The ice would go on top and the food was stored below.

southwest arizona b and b theme rooms picture

The old radio is used as a night stand on one side of the bed the ice box is on the other side.

Probably the one place that most or out guest laugh at is the bathroom. The bath has clothing hanging from the walls as if it were wash day. There is even an old washboard in the room along with some signs from mines that we found in Nevada. TSA didn’t like one of the signs in particular because it had traces of nitrates on it. It set off the alarms and our luggage was searched for bombs. The bath also has a copper basin sink that fits in perfectly with our Southeast Arizona b and b theme rooms. Click on our room page to find out more about the prospector room or use this link for a video.

southwest arizona b and b theme rooms picture

The bird cage was used in a mine. It housed a canary that would sing. If the canary quit singing and was lethargic the miners would know that gases were building up to dangerous levels.

Arizona B and B Theme Rooms

Mission Room – The Old Spanish Padres our first Arizona b and b theme room.

Dia de los Muertos is a Hispanic tradition that is found in  the Southwestern US and Mexico. Arizona B and B Theme Rooms picture

Metal art of flowers and wheat are located over the headboard of the bed. The headboard is made of a wood screen.

Arizona b and b theme rooms picture

To go with our mission theme, this painting was done by my grandfather and is of the Tumacocori Mission south of Tucson.

Our Arizona B and B theme rooms were inspired by the history that took place in our part of Southeastern Arizona. We had been at different b and bs with theme rooms when we were thinking about starting a b and b. Many b and b with themes were simple such as the blue room, the red room, the green room. All the decorations and furnishings were in those colors. Some inns were more elaborate such as naming their rooms for the people that had lived in the old house when it was a residence. The rooms were then decorated with that person’s taste in mind. Since we were starting fresh, we took the time to think of the room names we could use in the theme. We wanted to have our Arizona b and b theme rooms to actually be the basis to determine the décor.

Arizona B and B Theme Rooms picture

The handmade Mexican tile was used with the talavera sink to add to the mission theme.

With this in mind we named our 4 rooms after a defining time frame that occurred here in Southeastern Arizona. The first room we named was the Mission Room. This room reflects the life of the old Spanish Padres who built missions here in this part of Arizona. Father Kino was instrumental in establishing the Spanish presence here in the Greater Tucson region. The padres lead a more Spartan life and didn’t have a lot of creature comforts. We didn’t go that far with the mission room amenities. We do have indoor plumbing and a nice bed, however it is our smallest room.

Arizona B and B Theme Rooms picture

The old priest’s biretta was found in an antique fair in Tucson. It was still in a hat box dated 1898.

The mission room decorations were gathered mostly from different parts or Arizona. Some pieces did come from other parts of the world. We shopped mainly in antique stores for items that we could use. We found altar pieces in Mesa, deacons chairs in Glendale and an old priest’s biretta still in a hat box with a date of 1898. Some vestments that we found were in a Tucson antique fair and were imported from France. We even found a Santo from South America in a yard sale. Pictures and paintings had been collected over time and include mission pictures, portraits of pastors and a photo of Jerusalem.

Smaller decorations include milagros, crosses, rosaries, miniature mission buildings and day of the dead items. Each item in the mission room was selected to fit the focus we had of our Arizona b and b theme rooms. This is one of our rooms and we will present our thought process when we describe the other three rooms. Click on our room page to find out more about the mission room or use this link for a video.

Arizona B and B Theme Rooms picture

Dia de los Muertos is a Hispanic tradition that is found in the Southwestern US and Mexico. This is held on All Souls Day.

Southeast Arizona Ghost Town

Looking for a Southeast Arizona Ghost Town, Visit Gleeson

Southeast Arizona ghost town ruins picture

The Gleeson hospital ruins can be viewed from Gleeson Road. The old mine can be seen in the background.

Gleeson is an newer Southeast Arizona ghost town that we had heard about when we moved down to St. David and started Down By The River B and B. We never went there because it was at the end of an 18 mile dirt road that started south of Tombstone. Recently the road was paved and now you can have a pleasant drive through the rolling hills of the back country. Gleeson is located at the southern end of the Dragoon Mountains close to El Frida. The town was originally named Turquoise in 1890 but that only lasted 4 years. Then John Gleeson registered a claim for the area and started mining copper. The town is a little south of Turquoise. A post office was established in 1900. The town had a fire in 1912 burning some of the town but it was rebuilt.

southeast arizona ghost town ruins picture

The Musso building can be seen from the road but you will need to have a long lens to see it.

What is nice about this ghost town is that there are a lot of buildings standing. Many older ghost towns only have foundations left. As we got close to Gleeson, we saw the old graveyard on the left side of the highway. A little further on we saw some buildings in different states of repair. Then we came to an intersection that was the center of town.  At this intersection where we made a left turn and traveled down a dirt road stopping for photographs. We were met by people coming back getting their mail. They gave us some directions on where things were.

southeast arizona ghost town picture

Joe Bono’s Saloon is one of the better preserved building in town.

You can see some dilapidated buildings with walls still standing from the road. Joe Bono’s, a saloon, and the old post office are fenced off but can be viewed from the road. Further down the road you have a view of the mine tailings. We went on for a little to photograph some ruins and then turned around. We headed back to the intersection and journeyed across Gleeson road to the jail. The jail was originally a cable wrapped around an oak tree. A small wood jail was built after that and finally the new concrete jail was built in 1910.

southeast arizona ghost town picture

This plaque is located at the jail and gives a history of the jail. Click on the picture to get a large view.

We spent some time talking with some local people. They were working on getting the area ready for a handicap ramp at the jail. They told us a little bit about the town. The town at its peak had a two story school house, post office, jail, saloon, an assayer’s office, a movie theater and a hospital. The Southern Pacific Railroad had a track that ran to the mine until the late 1920s. The Post Office was closed in 1939 after the mines started failing. These same mines totally shut down in 1958. When that happened the town of Gleeson became Southeast Arizona ghost town.

southeast arizona ghost town

The Gleeson Jail was built in 1910. It is constructed from concrete and is now a museum.

Some people still live in the area. The jail has become a museum but the times of operation depend upon when the docents are available. There is a small mining operation still being worked at the site today. You need to have a long range lens to be able to photograph the mine and some of the ruins. The only business in the town is at a trailer that sells rattlesnake artifacts and crafts.  The area is interesting and the people are friendly. So if you want to go to a Southeast Arizona ghost town that has more than a few foundations, try Gleeson.

Southern Arizona ghost town picture.

The Gleeson mine was was finally exhausted in 1958 and the town turned into a ghost town. There is still a small mining operation that is being worked higher on the hill.

Southeast Arizona Winery Events

Southeast Arizona Winery Events Open To Everyone

picture Wine Setup for Southeast Arizona Winery Events

Southeast Arizona winery events are held at a variety of locations but always showcase the vintners product.

Southeast Arizona winery events are numerous. There are in excess of 20 wineries located in this part of Arizona. Many of the wineries have wine clubs with varying membership levels. These clubs give the members free wine tastings, discounts and sometimes offer special member only events. The stipulation for being a member is that you purchase a certain amount of wine during the year. Other wineries only ask for email addresses. This allows the wineries to send out newsletters or invitations to special events. There are many opportunities for the wine aficionado to take advantage of and attend a winery event.

The hosts of Cafe Roka is in the heart of downtown Bisbee and is a location for Southern Arizona winery events picture.

Attendees to the Carlson Creek Southern Arizona Winery Event were greeted by L to R Robert Carlson, Rod Kass, chef and owner of Cafe Roka, and a member of the Mexican Consulate.

One example is when Angie and I were invited to a Southeast Arizona winery event that was hosted by Carlson Creek Vintners.  We didn’t want to miss this event. It was being held at one of our favorite restaurants in Cochise County, Café Roka. Chef Rod has a wonderful restaurant in Bisbee and we send our guests there on a regular basis. Robert from Carlson Creek was providing the wine for the dinner and worked with Chef Rod to pair one of his wines with each course. I have been to other events similar to this and thought that the venue and the winery would be a good fit.

Since we had no guests at the b and b that night, we made plans to attend. Bisbee is a fun place to visit. You can do a little antique shopping but the dining is also wonderful. Bisbee is home to some really great restaurants. We went early to wander through some of our favorite shops. When we finally arrived at Café Roka, we were given a special menu. To view the menu click on this link. We were shown to the bar and received a glass of wine to accompany the first course. We then looked around and chose a table.

You can sit by yourselves, however I have always had more fun at a table with other people that you don’t know. You all have the same interests, wine and food, so why not enjoy talking about it with strangers. Who knows, they may become future guests. The table we chose was actually very interesting. We were sitting with people from Tucson who enjoy Café Roka and the wines here in Southeast Arizona. There was also a couple from Bisbee, the Warren area, but the surprise was that Robert’s parents were also seated at the table. During the dinner, they shared some anecdotes on things Robert was talking about.

picture of Gordita With Roasted Pork

The one course of Gordita with Roasted Pork over chili colorado with queso fresco went well with the Merlot.

Grilled Duck Breast picture

The grilled duck breast with pomegranate and calabacitas con queso cotija was excellent.

The menu had 8 courses and each dish had a different wine that really complemented the dish. After nearly two hours we finished up a wonderful evening and a great event. We felt that the price we paid was an excellent value. The wines were excellent, the food was fabulous. In addition, the conversation was captivating. So when you visit the tasting rooms here in our little corner of Arizona, sign up for the newsletters and get on the mailing lists. You just might have the chance to participate in one of the Southeast Arizona winery events.

Mike and Angie are owners of Down By The River B and B located in St. David, Arizona.

Picture of Bisbee Street Scene location of Cafe Roka is in the heart of downtown Bisbee and is a location for Southern Arizona winery events.

Cafe Roka is in the heart of downtown Bisbee and is a location for Southern Arizona winery events.

Romantic B and B

A Romantic B and B Is Usually Secluded

lunch at a romantic b and b picture

A romantic b and b offers quiet and solitude so that you can sit back and enjoy the day if you wish.

A romantic b and b is not normally found in the middle of a large downtown metropolis. It is more likely to be in an area that is secluded and away from the maddening crowd. Something off the beaten track comes to mind with an ambiance that provides a peaceful and quiet interlude for a couple to relax.  The location should not be so remote that it takes you hours to travel to attractions during your stay.

Down By The River B and B is such a place. Some of our guests state “You are really out here aren’t you?” In reality we are just a short distance to one of the main highways in Cochise County and it is a quick trip to Benson for dinner. We are close to historic towns and sites that people wish to visit. We are located between the two Arizona wine country venues and both are a short drive either to the east or to the west. It just seems that we are “Off the Beaten Path.”

Romantic b and b at the end of the day picture

Time to enjoy some wine, the sunset and a full moon rising at the end of the day.

Over the years we have had many people that have stayed with us at our romantic b and b. They have been able to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and in some cases there were proposals. We have had numerous newlyweds spend their honeymoon here at our romantic b and b. Being a quiet location off the main road, It is advantageous to many couples to stay here and they have a lasting memory of their time together. They have enjoyed a fire in the chiminea, dinner, and a glass of wine as the sun set and the full moon rose.

When we know in advance that a special event is in the offing, we will take the time to hand make a card for the occasion. Angie’s artistic ability for developing a card for a special event has been put to the test many times. She makes each card as a unique gift for the recipient. Angie doesn’t copy past cards but makes each one from scratch. So if you have a special time coming up and you want to have that special experience at a romantic b and b, give Down By The River a try.

hand made card from our romantic b and b

A typical hand made card from out romantic b and b to for a guest couple.

Apache Powder Company

Apache Powder Company is the plant on the way to the b and b.

Apache powder plant picture

Apache Nitrogen viewed from the south side.

Apache Powder Road is the only sure way to reach Down By The River B and B. As guests travel this road, they will drive past a large manufacturing facility. The plant that they pass was founded in 1922 and was known as the Apache Powder Company. The company changed its name to Apache Nitrogen Products in 1990. Many of our guests have asked us what is manufactured at the Apache Nitrogen Products plant. We inform them that ammonium nitrate is produced there. This product is an excellent fertilizer but it is also an explosive used in mining operations in the region.

Apache Powder plant pictures

The Apache Nitrogen Plant looking from the east to the west. Many old buildings are still on the site.

I learned the history of the plant during a tour while I served on the Benson / San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce Board. Originally the plant produced dynamite. When a large deposit of nitrates was discovered in the area, the idea of a manufacturing facility for dynamite was inevitable. At that time the only source of explosives for the mines were manufactured in San Francisco or St. Louis. Transportation was done by the Southern Pacific Railroad into Benson. Today many of the older plant buildings are still standing and there has been talk of putting together an exhibit showing the history of the plant using items from the plant. Some of these items can be seen at the Benson Visitors Center.

Old building picture

Many of the older buildings are still in use today at the plant facility.

The Apache Powder manufacturing facility became the main supplier of nitroglycerine explosives in the Southwestern US. After the first year of production, a million pounds of explosive was being produced every month. By 1956, the plant was manufacturing 41 million pounds of explosives a year. The operation was the main supplier for the mines located in the region. In 1983, the operation ended the production of nitroglycerine and exclusively processed ammonium nitrate, a much more stable product. The plant also produces nitric acid for mining and the ammonium nitrate is use in the agricultural industry.

The plant is the biggest private employer in St. David. Approximately 100 people work at the plant. The company is very civic minded and works with the community. At one time the plant provided housing for employees as part of their compensation package. The houses near the plant were torn down only foundations can still be seen. In 1949, the executive’s houses in Benson located around Apache park were sold. Now you have a little history of the Apache Powder Company’s 90 years of existence here in St. David.

The Thing

” The Thing ” is not from Arizona originally but is from California

The Thing Billboard picture

The Thing billboards are along both sides of Interstate 10 for hundreds of miles.

” The Thing ” has been advertized on billboards from the 1950s. When I was growing up in Southern California, we would take shopping trips to San Bernardino. On the way home we would see signs that informed us that “ The Thing ” was only so many miles away and that we just had to see it. Of course my parents would not consider driving the extra distance just so that they could spend some money and satisfy our curiosity. We were always told not today we have to get home. After a while we quit seeing the billboards for “The Thing”.

Entrance to The Thing picture

The entrance to the thing is through a door that takes you to three buildings.

Not until I moved to Arizona and started traveling south toward Tucson did I see another billboard advertizing “ The Thing ”. My curiosity was raised but I thought well that was in California not Arizona. Later I found out that the exhibit was moved to Arizona after Interstate 10 was put in. I guess moving to Arizona added to the mystique of “ The Thing ”.

After starting the B and B in St. David, we would make trips to Willcox, Chiricahua National Monument and Ft. Bowie. We would pass milepost 322 and say “One of these days we need to stop to see what this is”. We recently had a guest who told us about their visit to exit 322, on the pretense of buying a Baskin Robbins ice cream. They told us about what they had seen and that it only had cost $1. After a lifetime of wonderment, I decided that we needed to make a trip and see what “The Thing” really was.

The trip along the interstate as you drive through Texas Canyon is scenic. The rock formations in Texas Canyon are awesome and you can read about it in a previous blog by clicking here. Along the way you will see numerous billboards touting what there is to do at “ The Thing ” exhibit. Don’t miss it! Just after leaving Texas Canyon you approach exit 322. We took the turn into the complex of buildings and got out of the car. Walking inside the main souvenir shop, we spotted a door that had a sign – “The Thing” – enter here.

Old Truck

Old vehicles are found in the first building including this old truck.

We paid our $1 and were told to follow the yellow footprints through the 3 buildings. The first building is an exhibit of old cars and a covered wagon. The second building holds many display cases with some antiques in them and wood carvings. The wood carvings are caricatures of animals mainly from someone’s vivid imagination but still it was interesting to look at them. There was also a bar scene that had a sign that stated “Wood carving out of solid wood. ” As compared to what else?” I asked myself. Some of the signs are hilarious to read and I am sure my English teacher from high school would have had a coronary from the grammar.

The Thing wood carving picture

The Second building held many display cases and wood carvings of interesting shapes.

The Thing Surrey wagon picture

This surrey is reported to have been in Lincolns Inauguration in 1861.

The last building had old furniture, some wagons and surrey purported to have been in the Lincoln Inauguration Parade. I will leave that up to your opinion of fact. It also contained a masonry block box with a Plexiglas window on top. In the box was “ The Thing ”. Well you may have heard from other sources that this appears to be a mummy. It may well be and I do have a picture of it. I am sure that you can find a picture of it on the internet but I figure you need to stop and spend a buck to see it yourself. The advantage is that you can also get a Dairy Queen Blizzard or some other type of ice cream while you’re there. Maybe even a T-Shirt.

The Thing exhibit picture

In building 3 you finally get to see ” The Thing ” enclosed in a masonry box with a Plexiglas top.

New Year’s Eve Special

New Year’s Eve Special at Down By The River B and B

New Years Eve Baby Picture

New Year’s Eve Special at Down By The River B and B is a great way to ring in the New Year,

The New Year’s Eve special at Down By The River B and B has been placed on our website for the last three years. Prior to that, we celebrated and invited any guests who were staying at the B and B to attend. It was sort of a surprise we did for our guests. The evenings were always memorable. The New Year’s Eve party has its origin from gatherings that we had in the 1980s. We invited friends and neighbors over to ring in the New Year and enjoy the camaraderie. After we opened Down By The River B and B, we kept the tradition alive. We invited our friends and also the guests that we had at the B and B.

New Year's Eve Snacks Picture

New Years Eve we provide a variety of snacks for our guests to enjoy

This year the New Year’s Eve Special will be the 10th annual gathering at Down By The River B and B. The event gets underway at about 8:30pm. Our guests will have their choice of delicacies to enjoy that we prepare for the event. We have always provided different finger foods and hors d’oeuvres for our guests to snack on during the evening. Guests are asked to bring their own beverages for their enjoyment. We have music and there is always the pool table where you can demonstrate your expertise. We do have some fun with entertainment and this year we will have a door prize drawing after midnight. At midnight, we watch the ball drop at Times Square on TV, naturally tape delayed. Then a toast is made

Living room christmas decor

We always decorate for Christmas and keep things up until after New Year’s Eve.

to the New Year with some sparkling wine that we provide from our good friends at Coronado Winery.

Down By The River B and B invites you to consider our New Year’s Eve Special. There is no need to drive home after the party since you already have the room for the night and as always we do a fine breakfast for you to enjoy on January 1.

There are a few restrictions for this event. We have these restrictions in place because of the costs that we incur for this event (we charge our normal weekend rate for these dates) and we have a limited number of rooms. If we book all the rooms, we will keep a wait list in case of a cancellation.


The restrictions are as follows:

  • Phone reservations only will be accepted.
  • There is a 2 night minimum either Dec 30 and 31 or Dec 31 and Jan 1.
  • No discounts, coupons or gift certificates will be honored for the 2 day stay. Additional days, over the two days required, will receive our normal 10% discount.
  • The guests will have their credit card charged for the room at the time of registration.
  • The cancellation policy is altered from our normal policy for special events.
  • Cancellation of the reservation is allowed up to 5 days after making the reservation but no later than November 30. A $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged and the rest of the reservation will be refunded.
  • For cancellations after November 30, Down By The River will refund one half (1/2) the reservation charge if we can rebook that room for this event.
  • Cancellations within 7 days of the event will not be refunded nor will any credit for a future stay be issued even if we are able to rebook the room.
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