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Chiricahua National Monument After The Horseshoe Fire

October 30th, 2011 by Mike Hug

As you may have heard, Arizona was stricken by many fires. In particular, Southeastern Arizona had a lot of fires. There were many days at Down By The River B and B that the smoke was so bad it covered the area with smoke and made the sun an orange ball. Many people stayed indoors and some in the area with breathing problems left their homes, traveling to locations that weren’t affected by the fires.

Fire in Chiricahau National Monument

Horseshoe 2 Fire In The Chiricahua National Monument

In July, Angie and I were over by the Chiricahua National Monument and the park was closed at that time. During this last week in October, Angie, her friend Mary and I went to the Chiricahua National Monument to see what was burned, what was open and what structures were saved. We had hiked in that area about a year ago and I wrote on the blog what it was like.

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Hiking to Fort Bowie National Historic Site

February 10th, 2011 by Mike Hug

Directions to the Fort:

From Down By The River B and B, the access to Fort Bowie for most people is best accomplished by heading east on Interstate 10 and exiting in either Willcox or Bowie, Arizona.

From the town of Willcox, drive southeast for 20 miles on State Road #186 to the Fort Bowie turn off, then drive another eight miles on the unpaved road to the Fort Bowie Trailhead.
From the town of Bowie, take Apache Pass Road 13 miles south and then about 1 mile of unpaved road to the trailhead. There is access for handicap persons from a service road to the monument but you have to make prior arrangements to use this parking area.

History of the Fort:

The Government awarded the Butterfield Overland Mail Company a six year contract to deliver mail between St. Louis and San Francisco on September 16, 1857.  The mail was delivered over the southern route and one of the stations along the route was located in Apache Pass near the site where Fort Bowie would be built.

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Hiking trail to Council Rocks in Southeastern Arizona

October 22nd, 2010 by Mike Hug

Hiking is great exercise and hiking in the Dragoon Mountains of Southeastern Arizona, where Cochise lived, is a great thing to experience. The beauty of the rugged mountains in this area east of Saint David, AZ is spectacular and there is a lot of history to be learned about the area. One hike is to the Council Rocks which is located in the San Pedro River Valley on the west side of the Dragoon Mountains. Your drive takes you to the west side of the Dragoons along a forest road that is rough in places but still can be handled by a normal car. Council Rocks has a natural amphitheater

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